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Use of Daylight Harvesting : A Natural way of Energy Saving in Lighting....

Modern offices are designed with glass walls / large windo Similarly ,roofs of industrial shop use of sun light .

However , generally we observe that these sources of sunlight are covered with blinds or curtains . Polycarbonate sheets get covered with something to obstruct sunlight.

Why it is done ? Primarily to avoid glare & heat , associated with the sunlight. As the glass windows or polycarbonate sheets can not filter the heat & glare , it creates uncomfortable feeling for the occupants, results into more energy consumption of Air conditioners.

So, it is a regular experience for all of us to see use of artificial lighting during daytime.

This results into not only wastage of electricity but also few more disadvantages such as :

  1. More loading on air conditioning systems due to sources .
  2. The occupants of the space are deprived of the useful vitamins ( only source is Sunlight ) like Vitamin D3, which is a normal weakness among professionals.

So, the solution is to use sunlight by avoiding the glare & heat . There are two such solutions :

Energy Saving in Lighting
Daylight Harvesting

How does it work ?

Lightpipe is a pipe made of a high quality reflective material, which absorbs the sunlight from all directions & delivers to the space in a diffused format . Lightpipe can be fitted on false ceiling , side walls . It can It can directly replace a lamp during daytime .

Norikool is designed to be installed on metallic or cement roof sheets , in place of polycarbonate or fibre sheets . There are two layers of specially defined shapes of polycarbonate sheets. The upper layer has a prismatic texture which enables Norikool to attract more sun light from all directions even during evening hours . The lower layer of polycarbonate , which is placed 4 inches below the upper sheet , acts like a diffuser. The gap between these two sheets traps the heat & does not allow it to flow to the shop floor.

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