Power Quality Audit
motor audit

Power quality has been an issue with Indian industries from long ago. However, harmonics issue has increase multifold due to increased use of thyristorised power equipments . This results not only into failures of electronic equipments , burning of cables, transformers, capacitors but also power losses in motors.

Teknocrat's group has identified Power Quality as a focussed field & tied up with Schneider limited to offer products & services in power quality solutions.

Teknocrat's group's training arm , TAACT, offers audit services in power quality, in which all important feeders are tested for power quality issues for 24 hrs, individually. Based on the data collected, a detailed report is prepared, which will consists of
• Trends of all electrical parameters alongwith Harmonics content (upto 3oth) at selected feeders.
• Suggestion of strategic locations of harmonic filters with specifications

  • Higher energy consumption and High Current Load.
  • Penalties Incurred for exceeding Tariffs.
  • Production Quality & Quantity losses.
  • Financial Losses due to stoppage.
  • Increase in Reactive power consumption.
  • Reduced life cycle of Equipment.
  • Additional investment for over sizing of equipment.
  • Energy wastage.
  • Increased Maintenance and Service cost.
  • Over Voltage/under voltage/Sag/Swell/electrical Noise/Surges/spikes.
  • Facility Walk through
  • Load Study
  • Inter Harmonics
  • Harmonics (Vthd & Ithd)
  • Earth-Pit resistance Test (at mains transformer)
  • Reactive Power Analysis
  • Power Parameters
  • Line Disturbances(Transient, Sags, Swells at main Transformer)
  • Captive Power Assessment
  • Load Distribution
  • Thermographs
  • Problem Investigation
  • PQA Report
  • Inferences & Recommendation
  • To Improve Power Factor & system efficiency.
  • To Avoid Break-downs & production Interruptions.
  • To avoid excess Energy consumption.
  • To remove Harmonics, Surges & Transients from electrical Network.
  • To Avoid Voltage/frequency fluctuations & PLC Hang-up.
  • To Avoid Transformer overheat, Capacitor burst, Trip Etc.
  • Savings in Energy Bills due to reduced Losses & KVA demands.
  • Accurate Measurements by Installed Meter.
  • Better Production Rate and Quality due to reduced interruption.
  • Enhanced Life cycle of Electrical network & component.
  • Maximize Plant distribution Capacity.